Adsense Eligibility Checker BETA

Check your Adsense status instantly.

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What is Adsense Status Checker Tool?

Adsense Status Checker or google adsense estimator is the only tool all over the world that can scan your website and tells you that whether your website is ready for Google Adsense approval.
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How to check Adsense approval?

Adsense Checker Tool will help you. Just paste your website URL in the Check for.. box and click the scan button or simply press the ENTER button to check you Adsense approval status / eligibility.

Are you using good hosting service?

Good Web Hosting services can boost your website speed to the max. If you're not using fast web hosting services (.i.e using a slow one) on your website then it'll be very much difficult for us to show the result for your website.

How and Why Google AdSense approval checker was developed?

Getting approval by Google Adsense is getting tough day by day. That’s why I have discovered an awesome web-app ( Adsense Eligibility Checker Tool ) for you that can scan your site, and display the results of scanning that what are the basic/complex reasons that you aren’t getting Google Adsense approval.

Google Adsense Approval Checker Tool is qualified for what?

This AdSense tool scans your site whether it is violating the AdSense Program policies (including Invalid clicks and impressions, Encouraging clicks or views (non-rewarded inventory), Content policies, Abusive experiences, Authorized inventory ads, Traffic sources, Ad behavior, Ad placement, etc.). That’s why it is also can Adsense Policy Violation Scanner/Checker.